Ilkiding'a Cultural Activities  

E.N.Masarie Arts And Cultural Group


The group was established in 1995 registered in the year 1998 by National Arts Council with registration number BST/2023. This group has been doing traditional Maasai drama and songs. It has been entertaining in different areas which include receiving National and International leaders; like second, third and fourth presidents of the United Republic of Tanzania, honorable Ali Hassan Mwinyi, Benjamin William Mkapa and Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete respectively.

Moreover first democratic elected president of Republic of South Africa Honorable Nelson Mandela, former United state of America president; Bill Clinton, Second president of Kenya honorable Daniel Arap Moi, president of Uganda honorable Yoweri Kaguta Museven, third Kenya president Emilio Mwai Kibaki, president of Democratic Republic of Congo honorable Joseph Kabila, Rwanda president Paul Kagame, USA Secretary Madam Hillary Clinton in 1997, world tourism secretary General (from Spain) in 1999 etc.

E.N.Masarie group has been involved in different National and International events example. Farmers day on August 18th for years 1996 – 2005, and 2007. In addition to that the group has been entertaining several tourist hotels, receive tourist other leaders at airports and guests visiting Ilkiding’a area.

Through these Maasai dancing group, we create a project which is Ilkiding’a cultural tourism programme, MAINYOITO Women Group, A day care center which is called NOSIM, and Volunteering program.

Ilkiding’a cultural tourism programme was established in the end of 1999 by E.N.Masarie group, for the aim of getting self employment and increase income within the community. More than three thousands (3,000) people have been benefiting either directly or indirectly from Ilkiding’a cultural tourism programme (ICTP). The income from this program has been also used to improve E.N.Masarie group and develop education at Ilkiding’a and Kioga primary school.

Education in Ilkiding'a Village  

Income generated through the cultural programme by the Ilkiding’a cultural programme does accommodate daily activities for the children NOSIM day care center. Proved that the income generated doesn’t sufficient meet the need we are kindly asking for people all around the world to support the center in different ways. Volunteering to be a nursery school teacher, helping in construction of the new classes, uniforms, playing kits.

We also have a room for sponsoring a child from this level to higher learn institutions. We at Ilkiding’a we are an equal opportunity organization and we will send those children that are truly in need of sponsorship and send you regular status and progressive assessments of the kid.

In our primary school s that is Ilkiding’a and kioga we will appreciate having volunteers for teaching, classrooms construction, renovating, and plaint along with these donations of computers, uniforms, desk and chairs, exercise books, reference books.

We also have one secondary school which is been built by the community and the government contribute teachers but yet not sufficient to the requirements.

This been the case we are happy to receive volunteers for teaching, classrooms construction, renovating, and plaint along with these donations of computers, uniforms, desk and chairs, exercise books, reference books.

Mainyoito Women Group  

This group was established in 2003 by the Maasai women of Ilkiding’a word in the foothill of mount Meru. This group has been making beadwork and the income generated from this work goes to provide much needed daily essentials like food, medication, school fees and supplies.

Tourists have been buying products from the women group as well as learning on how to make them as it is a very interesting activity. Come one came all to learn different techniques of creating these beads.