Ilkiding'a Cultural Programme Volunteer

Ilkiding’a Cultural Tourism Programme is a profit sharing organization run by Maasai tour guide under the umbrella of Tanzania Tourist Board. The main object of our organization is to organize cultural tours from different tourist round the world. Along with profit that we share with in our community exposure is another very important thing. Our extreme visitors learn much on how we leave and what we are doing daily.

Raised in nomadic ways of life Maasai community is still in need of various things to manage the 21st Century life but yet implementing and making sure that those new things don’t disturb and ruin our lovely culture we have been with for centuries.

Currently will appreciate to receive volunteers/internship for education and health issues


We are having a day care center for kids from 3 – 5 years with only one teach. We will appreciate to have volunteers who will come and teach children mathematics, English, drawing and much more according to the program that we have planned.
For the people who are keen on donating on our school please feel free to contact us.

Below are the needs of the current situation on our school:

• A single classroom
• Books
• Text Books, Pens and Pencils

Health Issues
We do have common disease that people can control them and other needs treatment. With your internship as a medical doctor or related we will appreciate much on your support teaching people and treat them.

Other important things include seminars and workshops for diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer and Malaria. Birth control and other related education is very important as most of the community don’t have family plan.

Advantages of volunteering

Volunteering in Africa is a life-defining leadership experience you will draw upon throughout your life. The most significant accomplishment will be the contribution you make to improve the lives of others. There are also tangible benefits for you personally and professionally.

Whether you are just out of college, mid-career, or retired, the skills you learn as a Volunteer can help you achieve your goals and enhance your marketability with prospective employers. Ilkiding’a provides training in a foreign language and cross-cultural understanding. This, combined with the experience of living, learning, and working with a community overseas augments any career path.

Enhancing Your Curriculum Vitae

Are you looking for ways to make a difference while gaining relevant work experience to add to your resume? Do you want to learn new skills? Do you want to explore potential career areas? You can accomplish all of this, and more, by becoming a volunteer in Africa! Doing volunteer work in Africa can be one of the most rewarding and best investments you can make with your time. A volunteer is someone who performs a service for free. Although the type of service can vary widely, many volunteer opportunities provide a vital benefit to the community and to the individual organizations assisted, since without the support of volunteers, a lot of programs or services could not take place.

Helping Others

People have many reasons for doing volunteer work in Africa. Many want to help others and some are looking for ways to be involved or to make the world a better place. Desires for activism, community building, and self-exploration can also be fulfilled through volunteering. Connect with the African community and be a part of the various cultures, activities, issues, etc. that you may never experience otherwise. Perhaps you have a cause you feel strongly about: put your beliefs into action by volunteering your time and efforts toward that cause. Some people volunteer formally through a profit, non-profit, or charity organization, while others volunteer informally by helping a sick neighbor or tutoring a friend.

People who do volunteer work in Africa get first hand information about the problems facing Africa like poverty, hunger, malnutrition, disease, unemployment and environmental degradation. This has been caused by illiteracy, ignorance, high population growth rate, declined rate of manufacturing, excessive exportation of raw materials, unfair international trade, primitive and un-mechanized methods of agriculture, corruption, political instabilities and unjust world economic order. The first hand information of previous volunteers in Africa has contributed immensely to the recent cancellation of Africa's foreign debts of multi-billions of US Dollars by the G-8 rich countries.


An internship is a structured work experience that is linked academically. Internships may be part-time or full-time. Students can do internships during the summer, winter term, or even during the academic year. Internships are valuable opportunities to relate your academic studies to the world of work. Internships allow students to see how their liberal arts skills (such as writing, researching, problem-solving, etc.) apply in work situations. Internships allow students to test their assumptions about workplaces and their own skills and values.